History Tales


USA The concept of a home shopping catalogue was started by Richard Sears back in the late 1890’s, originally to market goods and items to farmers as they did not have access to many of the goods due to their remote locations, and it included items ranging from  sewing machines, clothing, bicycles, sporting goods, dolls, refrigerators, stoves and even groceries. From that point on the growth of The Sears, Roebuck catalog became to many “the Consumers’ Bible” as people living in outlying areas could see and purchase goods that were traditionally only available in the big cities . They also produced a special Christmas Catalogue that was full of toys and became known as the “Wish Book” was also placed in the outhouse called the “shanty”  the Wish Book was used like rip a page out because you couldn`t afford toliet paper use it make a wish throw it in the hole, perhaps because some of the items no one could afford many people could afford the items just a farmers joke. Over the next 50 years hundreds more home shopping catalogues appeared which would be sent to peoples homes and they would choose the items and order and pay for them and up till the advent of the Internet were a common way for shopping for those who did not live in a city. One old Gentlemen told me he ordered a  12 gauge Single Shot Shot Gun , an a boxe of shells, and found the Gun Hanging on the mailbox when came home from school from the post man, those where the days!
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